Your privacy and cookies

Because we simply cannot pay 20 million in fines, and we do not want to ask our members for tons of money to join, we have written down the obligatory explanation about the data we collect on this website. We have tried to keep it light reading, but with this subject that is quite an impossible task.

When you visit our site…

What data do we collect?

We keep usage statistics through Matomo, an analytics programm. Matomo is hosted on our own server, so this information is not shared with third parties. So not even with Google ;-). We collect data about pageviews, date/time of the view, (unique) visits, actions on our website (page visits, downloads, outlinks and internal search), search terms used on our site and search tems used in search engines to find our site.

Aside from the above mentioned data, we collect the following: device, browser (incl. plug-ins), IP-address (anonimyzed by removing the last byte) and the corresponding geo-location (country, city/region), resolution of the screen used, operating system and which site/page the visitor is coming from.

We create a unique ID for our visitors, so we recognize them for the next visit. Above mentioned data is linked to this ID, but does not contain any personal data, as the IP-address is anonimyzed, and can therefore never be linked to a specific internet connection.

If you delete the cookies in your browser (see below), your browser is no longer recognized, so will not be connected to the existing profle. You will however start creating a new profile. If you visit the site in incognito or private mode, every visit will be marked as unique. We will still collect the data, but we will not be able to combine data from subsequent visits.

Finally, if you have configured your browser not to allow tracking (DoNotTrack ), we will respect that and Matomo will not store any information.

Why do we collect this data?

We want to know how well our site is performing. For example, it enables us to see if there are pages that might have a problem or are not clear to the visitor. Also we can detect if our site does not function properly on a certain browser or operating system, or is displayed wrong on a certain resolution. This way we can roll out improvements much quicker. Through analysing where our visitors are based, we can make decisions about offering new languages on the site, or content specifically for a certain country or region.

How long do we keep this data?

We might keep this data forever. Naturally we want to see how our site performs over the course of several years. Of course there will come a time we will start deleting old and obsolete data. But from a legal point of view we are unable to make any statement about that.

If you comment on a post…

What data do we collect?

If you comment, you have to leave a name (or alias) and e-mailaddress. We also store your IP-address. Only the name and the comment are displayed publicly. E-mail and IP are not displayed and we do not share these with anybody. Your name or alias is displayed with the comment.

Why do we collect this data?

First of all to combat spam. Most spamfilters use IP-list to suppress automatically known spam-addresses. Furthermore we are better equipped to recognize fake reactions, when we for example see that a lot of reactions are sent from the same IP-address. Also it is nice to be able to see who is commenting on who, so displaying a name with the comment is quite polite. You can use an alias, don’t worry, we are not strict about that. Finally we need the e-mailaddress to be able to determine if a deletion request is make by the original author of the comment. And if your comment contains a question, we are able to contact you personally by e-mail. 

How long do we keep this data?

This data remains as long as the original post on which you commented is visible on the website. And that might be quite a long time. But the good news is, if you really want to see it gone, you can ask us to delete your comment. Simpley send an e-mail to from the e-mailaddress used on the comment. We will make sure the comment is deleted quickly (unless we are under legal obligation not to delete this content).

If you join the fanclub…

What data do we collect??

If you want to join the fanclub, we will need your e-mailaddress. We would also appreciate if you gave us your name, the city and country you live in, and the language you speak. But these are completely optional. We will also assign you a membershipnumber. This information is collected in a memberlist, protected with a password and stored on our own server. We do not share this information with anyone.

Why do we collect this data?

Without an e-mailadres it would be quite difficult to keep in touch with our members and inform them about news and activities. A membership number comes in handy in case you ever change your e-mailaddress. That way we can still know it’s you. Furthermore, we much more enjoy sending you a personal mail, instead of starting it with ‘Dear member’, so a name would be nice. And knowing what language you would like us to contact you in seems quite logical. Also, your city of residence is very practical for us, so we can determine what would be good locations to offer fanclub activities. You can understand it makes little sense to have a fanclubday in Den Helder if most of your member live near Maastricht. But it is quite okay if you do not want to share this information with us. We will then most likely send you a ‘Dear member’ mail in Dutch, and hope you like a bit of travelling 😉

How long do we keep this data?

As long as you stay a member. It is always possible to end your membership, by sending an e-mail to We do not expect you to do that of course, but if you really want it, we will delete all your data except your membershipnumber. That will become a very lonely piece of data, but at least we will be able to tell how many people joined and left. If you have regrets, and reapply for membership (hurrah!), you will be assigned a new membershipnumber.

And what about the cookies?

Well, actually thing are pretty good here. We only use functional cookies and cookies to collect the above mentioned analytical data. The functional cookies make sure the site keeps functioning as it should, and they offer you a few neat things, like remembering your preferred language. Also, if you comment a lot, you might want to store you e-mailaddress and name, so you do not need to type it every time. You can tick a box for this functionality, or just leave it of course.

The analytical cookies are the ones used by Matomo. These are first-party-cookies, that means they do not make any connection to third parties. So no analytical data is shared with third parties (not even with Google).

We do not show third party advertisements, so manufacturers of washing machines or car-brands etc. won’t follow you here. Neither do we advertise ourselves, so you do not have to worry about seeing an ad for this fanclub on other sites you visit.

We are also very reluctant to use social media plugins, but we might embed a Facebook video once in a while. And everybody knows that nobody knows what Facebook is doing exactly. If you are logged into Facebook, they will most likely follow you here and use cookies for that. We also embed Youtube video, but we do that in no-cookie mode, so you should not be followed thus. But again, we are not a 100% sure is Youtube if really doing what they are expected to do.

It is of course always possible to delete the cookies in your browser. You can actually set it to delete all cookies everytime you close the browser. Here are some quicklinks to the helppages of the most used browsers, so you can find these setting a bit quicker.