A Space Odyssey – final part – Starchild (2018)

The final part in the Space Odyssey trilogy was released in May 2018. Guests are Steve Rothery (guitar on ‘Ambasciatore delle lacrime’) en Steve Hogarth (spoken word on ‘Abandoned’)


  1. Scene one: L’insieme delle cose
  2. Scene two: Do you read me HAL
  3. Scene tree: Ambasciatore delle lacrime
  4. Scene four: Sognerò mai?
    i. Sognerò mai?
    ii. Disconnection
    iii: La missione svelata
  5. Scene five: Stargate
    i. Jupiter and beyond the infinite
    ii. Stargate
    iii. Racchiuso dentro un atomo
    iv. Nuovi orizzonti
  6. Scene six: Prometeo tra le stelle
    i. Prometeo
    ii. Ultima cena
    iii. Starchild – hic stellarum plena est
  7. Final scene: Abandoned

RanestRane – Starchild Trailer

We are so happy to finally announce the official release of "A Space Odyssey – Final Part – Starchild", ft. Steve Hogarth and Steve Rothery from Marillion.You can find it in our online store!👉 bit.ly/A_Space_Odyssey_StarchildArtwork: Davide Costa.Video shooting: Ralf Schmitz and Simona Kühndel.Pictures: Catia De Cicco and Lilian Boomsema.Label: Ma.Ra.Cash records.PR: Irene Schillaci.Thank you so much, guys!

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