Monolith In Rome – A Space Odyssey Live (2015)

Monolith in Rome was released as a DVD+CD digipack in 2015. The oncert was filmed at the CrossRoads Live Club in Rome on the 21st of Februari 2014. Guest on stage was Steve Rothery (guitar on ‘Materna Luna’, ‘Il monolito di Tycho’ and ‘Cinderella search’), A recording of Steve Hogarth was also used (vocals op ‘Semi’ en ‘Il monolito di Tycho’).

Tracklist (DVD and CD)

  1. Semi
  2. FluttuerĂ²
  3. Stazione orbitante uno
  4. Materna luna
  5. Clavius
  6. Il monolito di Tycho
  7. Cinderella search

Bonustrack on CD

  • Spacewalk (live in studio)

Extras on DVD

  • The making of ‘HAL’
  • Monolith promo trailer 2013